Shoreline in Mountain View For a Day.

Buildings of companies like Yahoo, Canon, Juniper Network, Motorola, Rambus, NASA Ames Research Center, e.t.c were the sightings that awaited me when I took the light rail to Mountain View in California. I wanted to go to Mountain View to visit the Shoreline Park and Trail. However, on getting there, I realized that Mountain View is a  distinct extension of the Silicon Valley. What do I mean by this? I mean that many of the high-tech companies were right in Mountain View, and very close to the Shoreline Trail. 

Companies like Microsoft:

23andMe (a genetic testing company for health, disease and ancestry):

and Google:

Also right in Mountain View is the Computer History Museum, a museum aimed at preserving the history of the information age. I saw the oldest computer I'll probably ever see when I walked in to ask for directions to the Shoreline Park and Trail.


Like I mentioned prior, the main reason I wanted to go to Mountain View was to see the hills in ShoreLine and to hike on the trail. On getting to the park, I realized one thing. It was vast!

There are very specific fauna like owls and other birds I couldn't quite place at the Park and they must be protected too, as you can see from the barrier created to keep the birds  away from wandering me...;)

It was a chilly day (in California? yeah, I know). It was fun to walk on the trails, it was also long and tiresome. I eventually stopped taking pictures and focused on walking. I walked a major part of the trail connecting Stevens Creek Trail to the San Francisco Bay Trail. There's not much to write about walking on a trail, so enjoy the next series of pictures describing my walk till I got to the edge of the San Francisco Bay Trail.

And this for me was the end of my walk. I simply walked ahead towards the buildings in the far right in the picture above and walked out of the Park. I was glad I went to the Park as I learned a lot, not only about my endurance level (or lack thereof), but also about ecosystems and land management. Did you know the Park used to be a dumping site? 

I'm really terrible at taking pictures of myself. haha :)


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