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Fear of traveling

I am naturally a "risk analytic". I do not take risk unless I know everything I could possibly know about the event and weigh the benefits to be much greater than the risk. Another reason I prefer CDs to stocks, but that's a different story.

Any situation that takes me out of my comfort zone is always riddled with fear. My comfort zone consists of things I've come to expect everyday, i.e. grad school activities, work, church and home. Anything remotely distance to this becomes a risk, traveling is one. My common sense gets clouded with doubts and  in my mind, I quickly think of the zillion things that could go wrong. The what ifs, maybes and the assumptions.

Interestingly, that is also one of the reasons I travel. Not only to learn about places and cultures, but also to understand that different does not mean wrong.

Fear of traveling is like fear of the unknown. We are quick to judge, even hate what we don't know. Traveling has taught me to be patient, less judgment…

Space Center Houston

To infinity and beyond!

I found myself in San Antonio, Texas several months ago for a conference, and afterwards I decided to take the 4hrs bus ride to Houston to visit my dear brother.

It was fun! We don't see other often so it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up and visit places he enjoy.

One of the places we went to was the Space Center Houston.

We took pictures of ourselves in front of old space shuttles, I believe this particular one is called Explorer.

Then, we took a ride that tours the different facilities within the grounds, including the one housing Saturn V,  and the Mission Control room (the old one).

After the tour, my brother and I went down to the plaza for lunch and goofed around afterwards.

(By the way, if you are going to put on a space helmet (like I did below), sanitize the inside first, everyones face goes inside that thing.)

Despite the blazing heat in the middle of March, it was fun, and educational. Not a lot of things are.

To infinity and beyond!

From Blogger to WordPress!

I have moved! My blog that is. I transferred the content of my blog from Blogger to WordPress a few days ago, after so many days of thinking, reading and deciding if this was indeed the best decision to make.

Things will look a lot different, and the layout of my blog will continue to change (for a while) as I slowly get use to the new system. I am not tech savvy, so I have been going at it pretty slowly.