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How graduate school teaches me beyond the classroom and laboratory

Update on Graduate School:

So much have changed and I feel like a wheel on a driverless bandwagon. I have switched labs (for financial reasons or the lack of it I should say). In the process of switching labs, I have moved to be closer to said lab and back on campus. Although I am now starting my 4th year, it feels a bit like I am starting over, new lab, new people, new project, new location, new route of getting to work.

How do I feel about all this?

Well, life is never straight forward and smooth, if it were, I dare say, it would be incessantly boring. So, although, it's not the most exciting period right now, I am glad for where I am. Science is based on curiosity and asking questions and my new lab has a lot of questions to ask. I am starting to prepare a new project and I am learning a new technique. I honestly can't wait to get it going.

Looking Backwards?

Yes, how else can I compare where I've been to where I am going. I have learned a lot about myself in the past cou…