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Hurricane Sandy!

This is what Hurricane Sandy did to parts of New York City and New Jersey.  Although precautions were taken as expected, the storm was a little more aggressive and vigorous than anticipated. Most of the states on the East Coast were battered mercilessly by Sandy, including North Carolina and Connecticut. Funny, I was just in NC last week.

Subways in NYC are flooded and the One World Trade Center renovation site had a massive flood.
This whole unfortunate even is made even more dramatic because these are states not used to hurricanes or hurricane-related events. Some places in NYC, Queens experienced fires along with Sandy.

Thankfully, not everywhere was completely disastrous. I, for one feel like I am lucky. Although the power went out for a full day and trees fell in my neighborhood and power outage occurred at work (MBL) and Brown cancelled classes for a couple of days, I am safe and my family in NY is safe. My brother and his family are safe.  It's surprising how close to the …