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On traveling and making new friends

I went on my trip to Mexico by myself, but met two awesome people and became fast friends with them.
We took a road trip to Chichen Itza, Merida, Campeche, and Uxmal. We discussed politics, social issues and construct, graduate school, law school, jobs and relationships. We compared life in the U.S, Israel, Austria and parts of Africa using our experiences as focal points. We were different, certainly unique, but those differences were complementary and provided for stimulating conversations.

And of course, we took lots and lots of photos, silly photos, serious photos and everything in between.
Yay, Starbucks in Merida!

Frolicking in the Campeche cathedral

Lounging around Uxmal

Eating in and experiencing Chichen Itza

Enjoying the night life in Merida

The best part of f

Campeche: A Cathedral, A Market, An Heritage, A World of Colors!

Campeche is very pretty. Historical, no doubt, yet pretty (I never thought I'd put those two words ever together). 

Colors are always a beauty and Campeche had this in abundance. From the colonial Spanish houses, to the cathedral, to the bay, Campeche definitely earned its place as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I went to Campeche for a day with a couple of friends I met while in Cancun. I found that Campeche is really more of a day trip destination than a few days stay. 

There isn't much to do in Campeche, it is not quite as touristy as the other states in the Yucatan peninsula. But that is its appeal. It is laid back and relaxed and slightly windy along the coast, while warm and scenting within the market and the central square. Campeche is definitely a sea-side low-key, fortified town. I do not have a photo of the central square (I've searched in my iPhotos to no avail :(...) but I find it reminiscent of the central square in Merida, although again I have to say the col…

A Night in Miami, Florida

This need no fancy poetry or spoken words. It was fun, it was all girls, it was exactly as it should be. We stayed a day in Miami, Florida before continuing on our trip to Jamaica.

The pictures below remind me a bit of when I lived in NY and would occasionally find myself in Manhattan at night. Life in a village on the Cape is quiet. It is eerily silent at night and the horn on the Martha's Vineyard bound boat is the only sound that travel across the village at night. It contrast with the night life, bright lights and noises in South Beach, in Miami.

This contrast makes me think I would eventually like to settle for a place with a bit of peace and quiet but with a bit of night life a few walkable (or taxi-able) distance away.

 We walked around the area a bit, but taxied our way through for the most part. It was late at night and as much as we love experiments and have a heightened sense of curiosity, we were not interested in experimenting the probability of getting lost on an un…