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Uxmal: A Village Like No Other

I fell in love with Uxmal because I could climb the walls, the broken stairs, roam the arenas,  and the buildings. Although the big pyramid (Pyramid of the Magician) was restricted (partially), virtually everything else was climbable. This meant, I touched, climbed, sat and immersed myself in the structures around me.

Uxmal had something that, Chichen Itza, grand as it may be or Tulum, enticing as it was, didn't have. I felt Umxal gave me more of itself than the other two and I believed I reciprocated. Does that make sense?  Have you ever been to a place that you felt appealed to you in an almost mystifying,  inexplicable way?
Umxal is not as touristy as the other two pyramids, yet it was more appealing and its beauty was far extending than the others were. Chichen Itza, although grand, was well over crowed with both tourists and hawkers and other craft-ware sellers, yelling one dollar, in high-pitched tones,  these take away the "grandness" or allure of the experience.…