A Ride on the CalTrain from San Jose to San Francisco

*So, it turns out I am going to do this backwards. That is, start from the end of my trip to California and end at the beginning. I might throw a dash of other activities in between as well. Let's see how crazy my creativity gets. Should be interesting.*

While on the CalTrain going from San Jose to San Francisco, I wrote "what I saw" at each train stop.  I wanted to see and (try to) walk on the Golden Gate Bridge. So on my last day in California, because my plane doesn't leave till late at night, I decided to go spend a few hours in San Francisco.

On getting on the train, I realize my camera was deep inside my bag, and I wanted to write as well, so I tripled up my iPod Touch as a camera, a nifty notebook and music player. The pictures look grimy, but I like how they describe (as is) the different stops along the ride to San Francisco.

Gritty graffitti in Lawrence. A reminder of South Bronx. Clothes hanging in the backyard. Blazing sun in the dusty afternoon.

 Quiet recluse in  Palo Alto. A reminder that Silicon Valley extends into Palo Alto in the form of Facebook, HP and others. A rich merging of academia, technology and business. Oh look, there goes Mountain View in the distance.

 Mountains reared their heads in San Carlos. A taste of what's to come. Pretty buildings, concrete pavements. The warmth of the sun seeped in through the train windows.

Houses on Hills in Belmont. A wealthy name like Belmont should reside on a Hill like a lonely magnate. Walls? Fences? Haven't you heard of Robert Frost and Mending Walls? "Something there is that doesn't love a wall."

 South San Francisco: brown expanded hills, power lines and colored houses. South San Francisco looks like a painting. The train riding alongside hills, humming in a low rumble, nature acting as a backdrop before veering downward into a tunnel.

 Bay Shore with white houses nested in a brown hill crowned with spiky power lines and blue skies like a hovering mother.

Trying to write what I saw was an awesome activity and before I knew it, I was in downtown San Francisco. When I got off the train, this #30 MUNI bus took me from the Caltrain depot, right into the heart of China Town, past the raggedy road of Lombard street (not the "crookedest street" section), Fishermans Wharf, then I changed on to the #28 MUNI bus which goes through Presidio and made its last stop a few distance off the Golden Gate bridge.

The Golden Gate is an experience of its own, which I will go into in another post. ; ). But because I'm such a tease....Enjoy this little snippet....

The ride to San Francisco was definitely engaging and inspiring.


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