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Why I write.

Here's another piece I wrote towards the end of my time as an  undergrad. I minored in creative writing and this particular  period, i was deeply involved in a writing fiction workshop that  geared the pieces created towards publication.  I will eventually start to post newer works.

During a science conference I attended eons ago (2009), a woman asked how many people considered themselves to be more left-brained than right. A handful number of them raised their hands. Then she asked how many thought they were more right-brained than left, this time less did. However, the point was made, some people feel that being analytical is the logical way to go, while others think more or less creatively. The woman went on to say it is foolish to think one way or the other; it is rather wise to utilize both sides of the coin. This woman is Mae Jemison, a scientist, an astronaut and a dancer. The things she said that night resounded in my mind far more than any other science-oriented seminar speec…