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Highlights from my trip to Mexico (In Pictures...mostly)

I enjoyed my time in Mexico and I'm glad I got to remember what endeared me to each place I visited while I was there. There is distinction and singularity in each of these places, emphasizing the diversity of peoples, cultures and even geography.

Tulum:  An old, mysterious wonder  upon whose face the ocean  splashes its kisses

Isla Mujeres:
Cabanas on white sands
gentle breeze whistles
whilst caressing tall palm trees

Hot, windy, crowdy
sophisticated and expensive
zona hotelera

Chichen Itza:
Old, majestic reverence
say a prayer here?
you just might
Brick by brick, a culture lives on

Romantic midnight
Here lives a delight that rushes
through the wind
and into your heart
To you, Merida, I stay partial

Flirty, fun and friendly
A village once stood here
And here it remains...without its people

A world of people
A hallowed heritage
A world of colors
Red, green, yellow and blue

A time well spent, in a place well deserved.

I am Still As I was

yesterday, I became American.
i do not feel any less Nigerian than I have been.
nor do I feel any more American than I should.
i do feel an addition of some sort, however.
it's a thought, an essence.
yet, I am not changed. I am not different
yesterday, I became American
today, I am still American
today, I am still Nigerian

Happy Birthday to me + First Solo International Trip Ever!

I turned 27 about a week and a half ago and I wanted to mark it in a different way. In the past, I usually go out with friends and have dinner with my family. Since grad school, I have spent my birthdays in lab working. I know.

So, I decided to go on my first solo international trip ever (which turned out to be not completely solo....but life a refreshingly good way). I took the plunge, despite some of my friends and family indignation about solo traveling. I chose a place that I knew I would find interesting and will capture my attention for a week. So, yeah, no beachy resorts here ;).

So, where did I go? Mexico. To be specific, the states of Quintana Roo, Yucat√°n and Campeche.

Why Mexico? You ask. 
Well, it's close, it's cheap, it's convenient.

My birthday (or birth week as I spent the week of my birthday there) was most enjoyable and fun.

Here, There, Everywhere and Nowhere

I have worked.

 I have played.

 I have traveled.

And I have procrastinated while doing these things. I am back on my blog and will write again as I have in the past.