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My last trip of the year 2013!

So happy, I met  (and exceeded) my travel goals for the year 2013. I set the goal for 2 international trips and 5 local (within the U.S) trips. I went on several small trips within the country:  New York New Jersey Miami, Florida San Antonio, Texas Houston, Texas
And of course, awesome day trips in Rhode Island and Boston. Because, the best fun is always right where you live, the one where you never bother bringing a camera but end up having the most adventurous and fun time.
My international trips consisted of Mexico, Jamaica and now....drum roll.... Nigeria.
So glad I went on these trips, I met awesome friends in Mexico and went with friends to Jamaica and now hoping to meet with friends and family again in Nigeria. To celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year.

Now that I know it is doable, to travel and work and do other things in between, I am planning my 2014 with traveling in mind. To help me with my travel inspirations, I read several travelers blogs. I particularly favor t…

My Car!

There are several reasons I haven't traveled or planned a trip in a while.  The first, my job is taken a turn for the better. This means, simply put, it also demands a lot more of my time. But I did make several smaller local trips that I haven't written about yet  (Yeah, I'm lazy).
But the main reason I haven't traveled in a while is that I have been saving up for a car.
And now I got it! My little baby, Arewa. 

I've held out long enough and managed to get around without a car. But it's becomes increasingly difficult to do. In the past, I tell myself I needed a car but never actively looked for one. This time, the opportunity to get one fell in my laps (more like my email) when a graduating student posted her car up for sale. 
The price is right, the car feels right and the timing is right. So ...why not?