On Busyness and Fall (Autumn) season

*Incase you wonder why I have random pictures showing houses and trees, read to the end. ;-)

On Busyness:
I've been so busy that I wasn't aware of the month of October creeping by. I thought September was busy enough but October proved me wrong. I've noticed that the busiest time of the academic year for me is always Fall. First, it's the start of a new academic year and there's always something to fill out and sign up for. Also, the days get shorter and I realize before I'm done with an experiment, it's dark out, whereas in Summer, it's still bright till 8:00pm or even later. 

Second, conference season is usually in the Fall and so time is allocated to gathering data for presentations and travels. In October, I had to finish up a few small projects in the lab, prepare a presentation poster and attend two conferences. Although, there were times  work got cramped and I was afraid I won't get everything I needed on time, things fell into place nicely.

I have to say, it's alway slightly jarring to realize that the cordial, simple routine that my life falls into changes to accommodate the seasons. Not complaining though. 

On Autumn:
On the other hand, when the season changes, there are a few things that starts to become more prominent. First is the "personality" of Autumn (for lack of a better word). For some, it represents melancholy because Summer is over. But for me, it's more of a phlegmatic personality. If I think of Autumn as a person, I would describe her by saying; "she's lost her sunny, summery disposition but hasn't quite gained the frigid, frosty persona." Which means I get to enjoy a season that's never stifling (like Summer) or frosty (like Winter).  There is something about the beginning of Fall that's just relaxing. The sun is not as glaring, nor is it so humid. It's that nonchalant kind of pleasant, where it's neither hot nor cold. It's just right. That's why I have these pictures here, to appreciate Autumn, just as it nears its end this time of year.  

Autumn is incredibly beautiful. The trees give up their greenness for an array of colorful adornment. There's also Indian summers in the Fall, which is very prominent if you live by the water.

Did you noticed the progression of colorful autumn in the pictures? Even on the grasses, you see fading greenness and blurry brown creeping up at the edges. 

I wrote this one-stanza poem while staring at these two trees in North Carolina, I had to take a picture of them (see pic below).

The trees have transformed
into a burst of brilliant colors
red, green, gold and brown
rustling in the waking wind

Fall is most fashionable.


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