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On knowing oneself: An anticlimactic surprise

Today, I realized that  it is quite possible to be nearly a type A-esque person and also very phlegmatic. Personalities are complex traits that characterize and define who we are. Owning a personality or multiple personalities is normal and 3-dimensional. Unlike the disorder in which all personalities become primary, the so-called "normal" person has one singular, primary personality and several secondary and dormant personalities.
When a person knows and recognizes who he is, he is able to project, quite effectively, his primary personality. Hence, you will hear, in reference to someone, the phrase; "Oh, he's a quiet and agreeable person", or "he's an aggressive person". In both instances, the so-called primary personality is active, and rightly so. 
On the other, when something happens to question ones' identity or sense of individuality, it is possible that dormant, recessive traits take the fore-front, resulting in a loss of primary perso…