A Night in Miami, Florida

This need no fancy poetry or spoken words. It was fun, it was all girls, it was exactly as it should be. We stayed a day in Miami, Florida before continuing on our trip to Jamaica.

The pictures below remind me a bit of when I lived in NY and would occasionally find myself in Manhattan at night. Life in a village on the Cape is quiet. It is eerily silent at night and the horn on the Martha's Vineyard bound boat is the only sound that travel across the village at night. It contrast with the night life, bright lights and noises in South Beach, in Miami.

This contrast makes me think I would eventually like to settle for a place with a bit of peace and quiet but with a bit of night life a few walkable (or taxi-able) distance away.

 We walked around the area a bit, but taxied our way through for the most part. It was late at night and as much as we love experiments and have a heightened sense of curiosity, we were not interested in experimenting the probability of getting lost on an unfamiliar road at night.


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