On traveling and making new friends

I went on my trip to Mexico by myself, but met two awesome people and became fast friends with them.

We took a road trip to Chichen Itza, Merida, Campeche, and Uxmal. We discussed politics, social issues and construct, graduate school, law school, jobs and relationships. We compared life in the U.S, Israel, Austria and parts of Africa using our experiences as focal points. We were different, certainly unique, but those differences were complementary and provided for stimulating conversations.

And of course, we took lots and lots of photos, silly photos, serious photos and everything in between.

Yay, Starbucks in Merida!

Frolicking in the Campeche cathedral

Lounging around Uxmal

Eating in and experiencing Chichen Itza

Enjoying the night life in Merida

The best part of friendship is its continuation!


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