Sunday, April 7, 2013

When life hands you lemons, make meat pie...

...or your snack of choice. I love meat pie. It's a tasty Nigerian snack or dessert (your preference).

But seriously, I was planning to go on a trip in May. Saved up money too. But then a financial necessity came up in January and the money was used for something I hadn't planned for. Sad Face :((. I had to use up a fair chunk of my savings and it was a bit of a nuisance too because what I used my money for wasn't even me. :(. O_o.


Despite the financial snafu, I am still traveling in May as planned. I went on a stricter budget than usual since January and it helped my finances. I bought my tickets in March and have enough left over to travel with. It is true that Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Using up my hard-earned saved money for something unexpected made me worked harder to fulfill my traveling plans through a series of stringent monthly savings. :).

In other news, my work has been very busy. There are several changes coming up (all at once) that I am preparing myself for. Life is never stagnant and neither should I. Some of the changes are for better and positive gains, while others are not so beneficial. But I am looking forward to the changes, building new interpersonal rapport and readying myself for an exciting new phase of my training.

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