The Golden Gate Bridge

Note: I wrote this blog post over a year ago (I know!), but never got around to posting it. So, here it is.

"Pull yourself together, man." Who said this? Anyone? Anyone? No? Well, it was what Argus Filch told Hagrid before Hagrid led the kids into the forbidden forest (in Harry Potter). And it was what I told myself as I hesitated walking the Golden Gate Bridge. Ha ha, I see my "nerdiness" showing.

After walking miles on the Shoreline Park in Mountain View the day before, I readied myself for another test of endurance (or lack thereof) the next day. I wanted to walk the Golden Gate Bridge. If you don't know, the bridge is close to 2 miles in length. You could walk all the length from the Presidio side to the Marina side and then choose to take a boat back (for a nominal fee, I suppose), or walk back if you are up to it, making a total of almost 4 miles forth and back the bridge. I chose to walk forth and back the bridge.

There were people hanging around the valley beneath the bridge taking pictures or simply strolling around. Then there were brave souls running, biking on the trails or getting ready for the long walk across the bridge.

My goal was to walk up and down the bridge (in one piece). However, I didn't trust myself to do it, so I spent a while walking around and taking pictures and looking at Alcatraz and Angel Island and talking to people about the history of the Ford underneath the bridge.

A view of San Francisco as I began walking up the bridge

Alcatraz Island

Angel Island

I found this lovely hummingbird while walking around and wanted to take a picture of it. Little birdie won't stand still, so I ended up taking dozens of snapshots hoping the perfect one is hidden in the couple dozen pictures. This was the best one of the bunch. Lovely capture!

Halfway through and I was definitely proud of myself. 

Having walked up and down the bridge, I was tired but still very much alive. I took more pictures and wandered aimlessly in tiny gardens and little souvenir shops.

Although The ride into San Francisco took a couple of hours, rather than be tired, I was energized as I saw the famous orangey gate. The Golden Gate and its surroundings are incredibly photogenic and I was so glad I took the train ride into San Francisco from San Jose.

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