Magodo Estate in Nigeria (Nigeria Houses)

Let me warn you right now, this here is me showing you too many pictures of and gushing about Nigerian Houses. Yeah, I know, of all things to gush about. By the way, if I ever retire and choose to go back to Nigeria, I hope to reside in one of these lovely buildings in Magodo.

I have been out of Nigeria for so long that one of the things that caught my interest when I went back were the houses, especially Magodo Estate, a prestigious estate in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Aren't these just lovely houses? I tell you, Nigerians don't build houses, they build mini mansions (when they can afford it). As long as you have the money to buy a plot of land (or a few acres), you are at liberty to build on it as you want. In the shape, size, and color that you want. 

An Art Shop in Magodo

In Nigeria, for the most part, people typically buy lands, rather than houses, and so, when thy build houses, it tends to reflect the taste of the owner. So no two houses are ever quite similar in architecture, or aesthetics. Unless, they wish it to. Ever heard of Ile ore meji? It means the house of two friends. It is typically when two people (friends) build the exact (or very similar) houses right next to each other. But I digress.

I love how Nigerians buy lands, build houses and leave your mouth watering at the distinctness of each house.


  1. I have been to Magodo before I love the is one area that surely has a plan.


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