Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leaving Woods Hole ....But first....

I am leaving Woods Hole and the Cape in a few weeks. I have signed a new lease in Providence and I've bowed out of my current lease here in Woods Hole. I will miss the Cape, but surprisingly, I am looking forward to going back to Providence, Rhode Island. I was there for a year, but I never got to see RI as I would have wanted. It was my first year of graduate school and I could think of nothing less than making it past year one.

Now, that I will be going back, I feel different. I purposely rented an apartment a fair distance from campus because I felt a need to. I am now close to the end of my 3rd year and it's a long way from 1st year.

Anyway, Woods Hole and the Cape is still mine for a while and I will take this time in between lab to explore all the places I've already visited before and all the places I haven't visited yet. I'm really excited about the whale watching (it's really the only one I haven't been to).

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Image from Whale watch website

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