Hurricane Sandy!

This is what Hurricane Sandy did to parts of New York City and New Jersey.  Although precautions were taken as expected, the storm was a little more aggressive and vigorous than anticipated. Most of the states on the East Coast were battered mercilessly by Sandy, including North Carolina and Connecticut. Funny, I was just in NC last week.

New York City after Sandy. Posted by a friend on Facebook 

New York City during Sandy

Subways in NYC are flooded and the One World Trade Center renovation site had a massive flood.
This whole unfortunate even is made even more dramatic because these are states not used to hurricanes or hurricane-related events. Some places in NYC, Queens experienced fires along with Sandy.
One World Trade Center Renovation Site flooded by hurricane Sandy 

Thankfully, not everywhere was completely disastrous. I, for one feel like I am lucky. Although the power went out for a full day and trees fell in my neighborhood and power outage occurred at work (MBL) and Brown cancelled classes for a couple of days, I am safe and my family in NY is safe. My brother and his family are safe.  It's surprising how close to the water I live, yet did not experience any damages. I am thankful for that and pray that those that were affected will have a good and rapid recovery. The next two pictures are taken by me in front of my house (all other pics I got off news website, the and Facebook). There are lots of trees in my area.

I live next to a golf course with trees lining the edges. Some of these trees fell during Sandy

I hope everyone affected by hurricane Sandy a quick recovery. Natural disasters are almost always inevitable, the best any one can do is mitigate its effects.

The next few pictures I drew from the ( It really captures the damage and aftermath of hurricane Sandy. The pictures are of many different states along the East Coast that I decided to upload them here.

Nature is majestic and terrifying.


  1. Adeola, I came by your office today to ask about Sandy. I worried for you and your family in NYC. Thanks God, everybody is fine.

    1. Thanks Mai. My family is well. Yeah, Sandy was pretty furious in NY.


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