The Balance of Writing

                  This is a reading response i wrote in a 'short story workshop' class 
                    i took while in college. Many points made are still valid today.

As much as I would like to admit that I am relentless and persistent in telling myself to write, alas, I fall into various enticements so freely. For a lack of time, I tell myself my stories cannot be finished. For a lack of time, ironically, I procrastinate even further. Sometimes writing scares me, the thought that I should write, discouraged by the workload from science makes me weak and nervous. Yet in the same vein, some of my writings have been edged on by the so-called workload from science. Balance, I dare say, is the one thing I am yet to find.

I said before that for a lack of time, I tell myself my stories cannot be finished. However, I would like to stress that the idea of creating time, albeit little, have already being tried. It worked, but not every time. A thirty minutes time created for writing might work on a Monday and then refuses the next day. But then there are times when I could work for hours on a piece and I'm determined to perfect it right there. Which brings me back to where my balance is and how do I find it? But then again, maybe this is my balance.

I find that I’m glad both ways, when I’ve created a thirty minute writing time, or when time and a wandering mind inflicts itself upon me and I have no choice but to write. The negatives of this of course are when my mind chooses never to wander and there is work that needs to be done. Or when the time I choose to create does not really result in something worth presenting. Or maybe what is really needed is a regular dose of discipline. If that really is the case, I will be right to say I have found my balance and just needs to be disciplined enough to maintain it.

My stories require a handful of imagination by the reader, especially if the reader is not familiar with the settings provided. Regardless, I believe that even if the reader does not come up with the same place as the writer describes, the reader’s place should be close enough and effective enough as to create the correct and intended reactions. In my defense, to entice my readers, I am inclined to describe, which is what I should and ought to do. However, too much of it, as with any good thing, hurts more than it helps. In this regard, I find I need to caution myself.

If I should go back to my stories, I can’t tell if the reasons behind them are perfected explicitly or not. However, I hope my stories do not entertain you because that is not its intent. Its intent is to inform, educate and spark an interest in places and people I write about,  in informing, I, dare I say, hope for readers to understand better the cultures different from theirs. To educate them on social norms and traditions observe by different people in different places, fictional or not. And of course, I wish to ignite an interest in the reader. Now, the direction of the interest, I cannot say. Some people’s interest might of course waver from what I intent to be positive to what is perceived as negative. If that is the case, I can help you no further, but I surely will not discourage it. Perchance, I unknowingly ignite such negative interest through my not yet skilled writing.

If the interest ignited is positive, and the reader truly does wish to be informed and educated, then will I feel a slight sense of accomplishment in my work and try to provide as much for the reader as I can. I should point out however that some things are beyond my will. Writing is one of such things.


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