Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Car!

There are several reasons I haven't traveled or planned a trip in a while. 
The first, my job is taken a turn for the better. This means, simply put, it also demands a lot more of my time. But I did make several smaller local trips that I haven't written about yet  (Yeah, I'm lazy).

But the main reason I haven't traveled in a while is that I have been saving up for a car.

And now I got it! My little baby, Arewa. 

I've held out long enough and managed to get around without a car. But it's becomes increasingly difficult to do. In the past, I tell myself I needed a car but never actively looked for one. This time, the opportunity to get one fell in my laps (more like my email) when a graduating student posted her car up for sale. 

The price is right, the car feels right and the timing is right. So ...why not?

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