Highlights from my trip to Mexico (In Pictures...mostly)

I enjoyed my time in Mexico and I'm glad I got to remember what endeared me to each place I visited while I was there. There is distinction and singularity in each of these places, emphasizing the diversity of peoples, cultures and even geography.

An old, mysterious wonder 
upon whose face the ocean 
splashes its kisses

Isla Mujeres:
Cabanas on white sands
gentle breeze whistles
whilst caressing tall palm trees

Hot, windy, crowdy
sophisticated and expensive
zona hotelera

Chichen Itza:
Old, majestic reverence
say a prayer here?
you just might
Brick by brick, a culture lives on

Romantic midnight
Here lives a delight that rushes
through the wind
and into your heart
To you, Merida, I stay partial

Flirty, fun and friendly
A village once stood here
And here it remains...without its people

A world of people
A hallowed heritage
A world of colors
Red, green, yellow and blue

A time well spent, in a place well deserved.


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