Monday, February 11, 2013

Ochre Court in Newport RI.

This is Ochre Court in Newport Rhode Island. The first mansion I ever stepped into.

Although it is now used as part of Salve Regina University admin offices and events space, it still hold its grandiose in every way. The inside look rich and formidable. The outside has an expanse that will probably house half a dozen small buildings.

It was a windy day, but the view was still very impressive. The court has an amazing garden (if I can call it that). It is well-kept and overlooks the ocean. There's a Cliff Walk along the building and garden.

The New England Society of Toxicology (NE-SOT) Conference was held in Newport and the students poster presentation was held in Ochre court. It was quite distracting actually. I spent half the time marveling at the detailed ceiling paintings (you'll see why in a moment) and the other half trying to explain my research to other students and principal investigators.

In this amazing room, I was told stories of old, eccentric ladies who peer out their windows just to shoo away youths and hooligans trying to climb the fence. Indeed, the thought of an old lady in lace and expensive trinkets shooing kids off her fence is quite amusing.

Herein lies the biggest fireplace I've ever stood in front of. This room happens to also be called the library. I didn't see much books but maybe library meant something else back then. Or the books were wheeled away for the event. *shrugs*.

I have to admit that after seeing the ridiculously high ceilings, I couldn't help but think about the "waste of space". But that's why I'm me I guess. It was impressive but also got me thinking about how much extra space is used up or "wasted" to obtain such high ceilings.

Despite that, I must confess, touring this old historic building was definitely a pleasant treat.

I swear these conferences take me to the most fascinating places.

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